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Things I have noticed since the update Feb 14th bu

Jul 05, 2008
The colors of the crystals are more vibrant and look really cool.

I find the spider quests confusing because we do not know what spider we are going after. When it just says spiders there are a few types. We find this not just frustrating but annoying. Could you please tell us what spiders we need to kill.

The health has a lot of lag to it. You go through it and sometimes it does not even registered. Other times it takes a few seconds.

There is definately more fizzels in one game this eveningI was fizzleing at one point every 3 cards no lie. And I have 91% accurate on the spells. Never fizzled like that before.

But the big bugs of not being able to fight Vika and being stuck until a friend can rescue me or get the table is more important. As we are stuck not being able to continue. So please fix this fast. Thanks

Oct 20, 2008
I agree things like that need to be changed. Also something else I have noticed is that when ever I use my healing spells my screen goes blank and I can't see my spell being cast.

Dec 11, 2008
I am Life School and in Mooshu. I noticed that when I have beaten a boss and I have a minion she still casts her spell after the fight is over.

Kayla Starforge

Dec 27, 2008
I am also in mooshu and I just came apon a new quest and i did the quest and it says that i did but still leaves the out line of the quest like just the name but not the other stuff like location or home work.. so my guy can not continue on his mighty quest to take down malistaire please fix this! he's currently almost to dragon spyre at the level of 42. Thanks again, cole blueblood