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the new login screen

Jun 08, 2015
I have a really haed time trying to read new notices since they aren't listed in order anymore . . . the swirling, whirling rotation of notices is hard to read and find NEW notices. Please set it back to the lists.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Remember, you can adjust the notices by using the left and right arrow keys respectively to view the particular notice of interest, or simply click them.

It's not really a major issue.

New updates also usually has the term "New" and is greatly advertised.

However, the game could perhaps sequence or sort notices according to how new it is


Provide an option to have them listed.

Jun 04, 2011
login screen worked for a few days then stopped working on my win 7 . this is the main account that i use. i have win 10 (dual boot) on same computer and it is still working ok. I really need the login screen working so that i can see what new things are up (pet experience or gardening is double.) that sort of thing, i get nothing information at all. i uninstalled and reinstall still nothing.

Bottom line is it just stopped working, i would rather have the old one than nothing.

Jun 04, 2011
just a note i just logon and i see a maintaince notice is posted but nothing about the info ie nothing to swipe and see like on win 10

Jun 04, 2011
Hey Peeps How long do you need to reply to this?