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The Maestro.

Jun 13, 2010
The bad guy in five box event, i suppose.

The Maestro, it's says he is a Rank 12 Boss.

He does not have any power pip chance. and only does up to rank 3 spells.
Rank 12 boss without PP chance and only rank 3+ spells?

even wiki shows this since, no one seen him do any rank 3+ spells to update it.

i think where this went wrong because of The Ostrame,which is Maestro in disguise. and Ki forgot to update the boss to Maestro when you have to fight Maestro?

He's using the wrong deck!

We hope to have this fixed in time for the next appearance of the event.


Jun 13, 2011
Well, that would explain why The Maestro hasn't been using tougher spells & gaining Power Pips around that time because he was going too soft on us... unusually.

Also, he doesn't even use cheats he would have in that battle for a boss of that rank like others in higher level worlds... not that there is something wrong with it or anything.

Are you referring to that final boss in the fifth & final dungeon on that event? Just asking.