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THE Fizzle Bug

Many of you have given us some GREAT feedback about what has affectionately become known as THE Fizzle Bug.
For those of you not familiar with this bug, its symptoms are round after round (particularly in PvP) of players fizzling ALL their spells, including 100% wand spells. (Now I'm not referring to just a bad streak of fizzles, this is something that will affect the entire team for the remainder of the duel.)

We're pretty sure that we've cast a strong enough spell to rid ourselves of this Fizzle Bug once and for all, but just to be sure, I want all our Wizards to try to make this bug happen in any way you know.

That is your assignment for this weekend, see if you can catch THE Fizzle Bug. If you do, post here about it, particularly:

Thank you! I hope none of you encounter this bug, and don't worry this is not an assignment that you can fail. :D

~Professor Greyrose

Feb 04, 2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have not had it happen today THANK YOU!


Aug 27, 2008
I was in
Realm: Imp
Area: 2
Location: pvp 2v2

my friend fizzled with the heal bouns then i fizzle and so did the third guy. The fourth guy was defeated. It only happened once but what my friend used has 100% accuracy.

Oct 17, 2008
Thank you sooo much! This happened twice before you fixed it. I called it the Curse of the Ice Wyvern, because both times it happened after I used that spell.

But now its fixed (hopefull)! THANK YOU!