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Team up kiosk does not show listings to lower level wizards

Mar 30, 2014
I tried to post about this before but somehow my post ended up in a thread on team up volunteer. To clarify, I am not talking about the new volunteer function. I am talking about the basic function of the team up kiosk--to display available team ups-- which used to work and now doesn't.

For the Spiral Showcase event, my magus needs to do a team up in Marleybone or Moo Shu. But the team up kiosk does not show those team ups to my wizard. I heard many complaints at the kiosk so this is not just my problem, it is happening to many people.

As a test I made a team up in Marlyebone with a magus wizard. Another magus wizard cannot see that team up. But a legendary wizard can see it. The legendary wizard can see many team ups in Marleybone, but a magus sees no listings in the kiosk..

So I cannot do the event task because KI tells me to team up in certain worlds and then won't show me the team ups in those worlds. That's why I asked for the event points to be given to lower level wizards, since a fix for this does not seem to be forthcoming in time for the current Spiral Showcase event. Thanks.

Jan 16, 2010
I second this problem. This has been happening for me as well, and it has rendered that 20 points for doing a team up for the Spiral Showcase and the Spring Scroll of Fortune, unattainable. I check when I log in in the morning, no team ups are available for the worlds I'm supposed to check (and it's the morning, so I acknowledge that and come back later, still no team-ups) - I check in the afternoon, I check in the evening on a super busy server, nothing.

I used to love doing the Spiral Showcase and the Scroll of Fortune, but I guess I'm going to ignore them from now on if this is a permanent change.

Are we supposed to volunteer in order to get this checked off on the Spiral Showcase now? I've seen things available like in Grizzleheim that I don't even have access to yet (like Ravenscar). But it's on my list and I could have clicked on it if I wanted to. Too bad it didn't count (although, given, it was Frostmantle, and at my level, I wouldn't have wanted to do it, LOL).

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I also have been having this problem.

It was getting convoluted with the Team Up Volunteer option, but there are now two different problems. This one I feel is more urgent issue.

For those having this issue, a work around that is highly annoying is you can volunteer and will eventually get placed in a Team Up that counts for Credit, it just takes a very long time and you are subject to the issues in the other thread.

Jan 16, 2010
Update - I can actually verify that this morning I was able to see someone in queue for the Team Up Kiosk, and I was finally able to complete one for MooShu. So I'm not sure if there was an update between yesterday and today, but it seems to be working okay now, at least for me.