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Team Up glitch

Oct 27, 2009
I was questing in Mooshu with one friend and I wanted to see if we could find a couple other people with the team up button, maybe help out someone who was waiting for a team. I tried the Team Up button at the Shrine of the Mind in Kishebe Village. I saw my school symbol show up as waiting for a team. My friend hit the team up button and saw his school symbol waiting for a team. Neither of us saw each others' symbol there, as if no one at all wanted to team up for that dungeon. Being such a new feature I thought, "Maybe it only joins you with people in other realms?" I switched realms so we were in different ones, and tried again. It didn't work, still acted like no one else was trying to team up. Other dungeons in Kishibe Village let us team up fine, both when in the same realm and different ones.

Is there something different about the Shrine of the Mind that affected how the team up button works?

Are there any other dungeons out there where you know for a fact that someone is also hitting team up, but it acts like you are alone?

If a dungeon has either a fight or the possibility to just walk in and talk to a npc (depending on where you are with a quest), does that effect "team up"? Like if you only need to talk inside and there is no fight, it won't team you up with anyone?

Apr 03, 2013
I don't have anyone to test this with, but I have the same, or at least a similar, problem. I press the team up button, see my school symbol, and then wait, seemingly forever, for no one to show up. In the mean time, I can't move. If I can't move, then how are other people able to "move around" after hitting "Team Up!"?

Apr 25, 2011
Hi Calamity! couldn't help to respond to your question

As with the new team up button feature, nothing is actually wrong with it. As you've said, you can join with other people willing to do the same dungeon, and I'm thinking probably from other realms as well. But the thing is, it's only for people that actually use the team up button. So probably, no one was willing to use it. I might be wrong, so I deeply apologize for that. Hope I sorta helped :

Austin GriffinBlade Level 93

Oct 27, 2009
I appreciate that people took the time to respond. I understand that team up only works if people are trying to use it on that particular dungeon. The feature is pretty new and some might be using the regular x out of habit, some people like to solo and don't need to use it, and if you are already with a friend might not need it either.
I had a high level wizard in Khrasalis, and when I got no team ups there on the first day the team up button was live, figured there was just no one trying that feature on the dungeon I needed.

In the case I mentioned earler, my friend was with me, we both wanted to help anyone who might be waiting for the Shrine of the Mind, and we both selected team up for the same dungeon, but were not even teamed with each other. We both had the team up screen on, and and were locked in to not moving, and were looking at our own school symbol. How do I know he was really also selecting the team up, not fooling me? I could turn my head and see his screen. No faking possible. If someone said they hit team up, but are still moving around, I think either they didn't hit it, or there is a computer lag and they are about to stop moving. Some people want to be able to move around while waiting, and to do other stuff, but I see why they don't have that. How many times do people wait for the pet derby or pvp, and get involved with other stuff and when they are finally getting matched they have canceled?
I read over the team up info again. If my friend and I were in a group together, it sounds like that would make team up ignore you. I do not remember if we were in a group at that time. When we entered the dungeon the normal way, hitting x, there was no fight that time, just a talk situation. It was a sometimes a fight/ sometimes a talk dungeon. I'm not sure what the issue was for me, I may have been grouped or it could have been the dungeon.
Did you ever get teamed up for a dungeon where you walk it and it turns out not to have a fight?

Mar 18, 2009

I have a suspicion that the Team Up button is appearing on sigils that it was not intended for. In the update notes it says that only certain dungeons will have this feature.....but I haven't ran into a sigil yet without the option (could be just me). I wonder if the button is there....but no coding behind it. The list of dungeons that was featured during the test realm are certainly intended to have the Team Up feature, but I haven't seen a consolidated list of dungeons that are suppose to have this option.

I personally suspect that the Shrine of the Mind is not intended for Team Up given that it is not a dungeon like Waterworks or even Lord Obsidian't Tomb......but rather just a room with some enemies.

Oct 27, 2009
It is possible that Shine of the mind might not have been intended to have team up. Only K I can tell us for sure. On the other hand, the update said most dungeons would have it. In the help book, dungeons seem to be distinguished by having sigils. Yes there are some long ones where we get a message from a boss warning us that we are about to enter a dungeon, when we pick up that quest. "Dungeon" seems to describe a lot more than the long dungeons though. I have been teamed up fine with people for many dungeons that were just a one boss room, and even some that were one room fights without a boss. I had the sense that the list they gave us for the test realm was so people would congregate at some of the same dungeons and give the feature a real workout. I think they wanted to make sure the big dungeons that particularly needed the feature had a good testing to get them ready.