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Suggestion for game

Dec 03, 2008

I would like to see a seamstress and shoe cobbler added. We could go and pay for our dresses and shoes to be altered in appearance not just colors. Right now at high end everyone is running around in various colors of the same dress. I am not suggesting stat changes just pay gold or crowns to have a different design with same stats.


Mar 07, 2009
Yes, great idea. This is almost a must to all MMO now adays. It adds to your personal style on how you want to be seen by others.

Feb 05, 2009
Great Idea, though I don't think my life mage is going to be able to go around wearing just a fig leaf though. I would like to see some other expensive styles too not just the ones seen in game. I would like a full cowboy outfit style (like a lone ranger style).

Feb 27, 2009
Feb 09, 2009
Most other MMO's do this by the use of "appearance slots." They are just a separate set of slots where you can put clothes that don't affect your stats. These are the clothes everyone sees you wearing in game. This way you don't lose the stats from the clothes you wear in your normal slots, but you get to have the unique look of your choice from your "appearance slots."

I'm all for this :D

Dec 14, 2008
Actually I had thought a bit differently about this.
It seems there are lots of 'Styles' of cloths, but what determines the desire to wear them is the 'stats' attached to them.

So we should have an 'alteration' shop or something more creatively named, that would allow us to add/alter the stats of any piece of clothing to an extent determined by the players class/rank.

Similar to other MMO's "slotting" or "Gemming" of gear to add stats.

This way you could wear that kewl looking Egyptian Outfit and still have some decent stats.

Right now how I look is pretty much determined by the stats attached to the Item.

I guess you would have to look at which way would be easier to implement into the current game.