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Suggestion for Changing Secondary School!!!

Jul 31, 2008
Having played this game in beta and i think iv'e tried about 4 different choices of schools and secondary,believe me I do not want to keep starting the game over just to try out new schools,it's just way too much.I don't know if I speak for many or I am just a select few.So sometimes we end up playing characters that we really don't like cause the thought of starting over is well discouraging.
My suggestion is:

You could have the option of changing your secondary school at a cost of say 5000 gold and lose half your training points but you could atleast continue the game without starting over.This way you can try out the variety of schools to find the combination you really enjoy.By paying gold you would avoid people changing too often.

so let's say
1st time-----5000
2nd time -----7500 etc....

Any input would be great.