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Suggestion: Bulk Purchases

Jun 29, 2009
Currently, in the world of Wizard 101, when one wishes to purchase an item from one of the many vendors of the world, it must be purchased individually, and if the wizard wishes to own multiples, s/he must wait for the mandatory cool-down on the "buy" button and click it again. While this is rarely ever an issue for equipment such as robes, hats, wands, etc., ever since the introduction of crafting, I personally have found it can on occasion by rather frustrating. For instance, the other day in order to complete a crafting quest, I had to purchase several dozen various reagents, including over 70 pieces of black coal. Because of the manner in which purchases are transacted by the merchants of the Spiral, this process took me several minutes. This seems highly unnecessary.

Furthermore, with the advent of pets and the highly advantageous use of pet snacks, it is quite reasonable to expect wizards may wish to purchase hundreds of snacks at once. To do so with the current system would be tremendously tedious and irritating. People found such repetitive shop mechanics tiring in Final Fantasy I, and that was 20 years ago. Surely gaming has advanced to the point where this shouldn't be an issue?

It would be nice to enter a quantity of items to buy when purchasing reagents or pet snacks, possibly followed by a confirmation screen to reduce user errors. This would be much less cumbersome than sitting for minutes repeatedly clicking the mouse and slowly watching our inventory count rise.

Community Leader
I've been thinking this very thing for some time. Having the ability to buy things in multiples would be fantastic.

Dec 14, 2009

I have this same complaint when purchasing multiple reagents. Sometimes in the hundreds. Not only is this tedious, but I suspect 100 requests to the server to purchase a reagent, create much more utilization on the servers, than one request to purchase 100 copies of this reagent.

Perhaps simply putting a quantity next to the buy button, with the default of 1. Allowing the user to type in a number greater than that. After each purchase, the number would revert to 1, to prevent people from inadvertently purchasing more of a second item than they wanted.

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