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Suggested Enhancements

Dec 26, 2008
I know this has crept up in other threads, but I think perhaps the information gets lost. A central post with recommendations of enhancements to the game should probably be centralized and stickied.

Feel free to post your suggestions. Hopefully a moderator will sticky this thread so that others can see it and add to it instead of creating a new one all the time.

(1) Prevent Teleports - If I'm in battle, I hate it when someone teleports into my fight without asking first. Obviously, for someone to teleport to where I am, they have to be on the friends list. I would much prefer that a window pops up asking me if I will allow someone to teleport to me. That way, if I'm in the middle of a fight, or otherwise wish not to be disturbed, I can reject the teleport. The game could then generate a reply to the person who tried to teleport advising with either a premade message or a custom message that I'm able to set.

Taking this one step further, I would prefer a "Do Not Disturb" flag that I can turn on to prevent windows popping up during combat. When a window pops up, it prevents me from doing anything. This can be very bad if I'm in a fight and cannot select my spell in time.

(2) Typing Numbers

I'm sure there is a good reason why we are not allowed to type numbers in the game. I have no clue what it is, but it must be good because it's very annoying trying to communicate when you can't specify numbers. Something simple like "I have 3 more of those to defeat" can't be typed in the game. It comes out "I have ... more of those to defeat". Is this something you can improve upon to make it easier to talk to others?

NOTE: I guess this is not such a good idea. I didn't think about how the staff may not want folks to be able to post their ages in order to protect them. I'll just have to muddle through the inability to type numbers.

(3) Looking for Group

Finding a group for quests can be difficult. I sometimes get lucky and find someone waiting at the spot to do the quest, but it sure would be nice to be able to let others know you're looking for a quest without having to spam it in area chat.

(4) Make Sprite Guardian Useful

I think my sprite is brain dead. I was getting pounded on in Marleybone today. My guardian sprite healed herself 3 times in a row while I had to fend for myself. I realize it's probably a delicate balancing act to keep the sprite from being overpowered, but she was useless that fight. More often than not, I find her useless.

Feb 07, 2009
I LIKE THOSE IDEAS i think just with thye numbers if you have this you should say it i need 3 more pips or something like that

Apr 17, 2009
I would have to agree, especially with #1. I cant remenber how many times some one has teleported in on me when I am in a battle and spent the next 10 or 15 min trying to recover from a battle that should have been over in the next round. Not to mention, being constantly hassled with "I need help, teleport to me now please". And than having it pop up several time a minute for the next while. I makes me want to remove than from my friends list.

As for #2, I will admit that typing the # would help, and hay, they have that phraise filter. So, why not allow numbers but just restrict the allowable words when # are used.

Regarding #3 and 4, I can not really complain. Most of my friends will aid me when I require (which does not happen all that often). And, #4 would imbalance things IMO.

Just my two cents.

Valkoor Titanwraith
Grandmaster Necromancer
Soloed Kensington Park

Mar 03, 2009
Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to see those, I doubt it will happen. These are some of the issues or topics that come up a LOT and never seems to happen with them.

As far as the sprite goes, its biggest fault is it works how it is programmed to: Heal the character with the lowest health. Since it has such low health, even at full, it seems to always need to heal itself. Generally, through my experience, mobs love going for the character with the lowest health, but only when they are there from the beginning. The biggest revision that could possibly work to remedy it would be to heal the character with the lowest PERCENTAGE of health. Not sure how it would work from a programming standpoint, but I think it would definitely help fix it.

Jaramak, there is a big difference between functional and overpowered and right now, the sprite is neither. If you feel that making it functional will also make it overpowered, have a look at life's attack spells: Few and far between. That is why Life has a lot of healing power and accuracy, they don't have a lot of attack power, so they need to be able to survive the attacks to deal any damage. Since pips and mana that would be used to attack wouldn't allow for the higher healing spells afterward, the sprite is helpful in providing healing (if working as intended).

Mar 14, 2009
I agree with everything except LFG as that goes against the nature of W101. But numbers and no teleport switch for sure. And my sprite is worthless, her AI needs a tweak. She cast sprite on herself when she was at full health and I was hurting

Mar 05, 2009
I think the idea of rejecting or accepting a port is a wonderful idea. My son tends to do this on his game and no matter how many times I tell him that it is not polite to just port to people because you can mess up their battles, he continues to do it. (he is young and I have denied his text option) I would feel much better about him playing if I knew that he wasn't being 'rude' to other players and just porting to them when they don't want another player in their battles.
KI please consider this as an option.

Dec 16, 2008
My suggested enhancements:

1. I'd like to see a light spring rain going on in Triton Avenue. All that water coming out the gutters on the homes suggest its raining, anyway, and it keeps with the "storm" theme of the area.

2. Enlarge the "Pet Door" furniture item a bit so it looks like a pet could actually use it.

3. Create a perch, stand, or other item to allow a "pet" to be placed inside or outside a purchased home, just like a real one. Small places can have one pet, the larger places could allow two. Of course, you would have to have feed and water containers, etc. I would really like to have my pet dragon flying around my Wizard City castle. You'd have to have a house, though...no pets in the dorms! (The Health Wizards might come and ticket you.)

4. Add stairways to wallpaper and flooring enhancements. My stairway carpeting is hideously bleah!

5. Path circles would make great displays for statues, and torii/dragonspire arches would look great arching over paths. We can't do either now. The little spiral path on the Wizard City small house BEGS for a Unicorn Statue!

6. The Fire Minion casts a Fire Shield. Why? The proper spell for protection should be Ice, not Fire; both you, (the Fire Wizard), and your Minion are most susceptible to Ice spells, not Fire. It is a little, (well, maybe a lot), dumber compared to my Balance Wizard's Minion, which is extremely helpful, but if someone could just fix that particular fault, I'll be happy.

Thanks for Listening!
David Shadowflame
Grandmaster of Fire

Jan 08, 2009
:D Those all sound like great ideas! There are a few things that I would like a little different too.

1. I think that the friends list should be able to hold more names. I feel really bad when I tell someone that I don't have room to add them. I removed some of them that I couldn't see their character's picture and their stats. I texted one person just a few days ago when they were on, who did not have a character picture. They didn't answer so I decided just to try porting once to see if they were able to answer because a few times I have gotten text that I couldn't reply to because I didn't have their name on my buddy list any more. Anyway I thought that people who didn't have character pictures quit playing but apparently I was wrong. Wizard101 has so many players and I think that they should allow each player to have more friends.

2. I also think that it would be kind of cool if power pips were counted as two pips for our second school’s spells too. I really like some second school spells that I have but I hardly ever use them because it takes too long to gather pips for it. Not only that but it seems like a waste if you have nothing but power pips. I was also wondering why the dryad card takes away mana equal to pips and power pips if it isn't my school and doesn't heal for pips and power pips? I don't think I said that very clearly. If there are two power pips and two normal pips that would be like six storm pips (my character is storm) so it would heal equal to four pips but it would take off six mana. Normally that doesn't bother me but when you are battling something alone like jade oni or you are doing a tower quest in ds and you only have so much mana you really don't want to waste any.

3. Another thought I had was that maybe there could be new convert treasure cards. This way a storm spell could be converted to fire or life or any of the others. I have a few treasure cards called mutate that change a fire elf attack to ice or storm attack but those were useless to me so I traded them. Now I have a fire elf pendant so I could use them. It would also be nice to be able to buy converts from the library because sometimes when I am in a battle with a storm monster that has a lot of health 4 or 5 (depending on which deck I use) isn’t enough converts to do significant damage to the monster and I don’t always have good treasure cards or like I said in #2 I don’t want to wait too long to do an attack because then I lose a lot of health and end up using my pips to heal instead.

:D Thank you for reading my post!

Apr 17, 2009
Shadow Twisted,

I totally agree with the percentage concept. What I was regerring to being overpowered was a generalized statement referring to all minions. If one minion was altered, others would scream demanding to change theirs. If this were done, than people could rely on buffs and other things from their minions and could drematically alter game play. But I agree with the percentage concept compleatly.

Just my two cents.

Valkoor Titanwraith
Grandmaster Necromancer
Soloed Kensington Park

Aug 22, 2008
LOL the pixie really is kind of messed up though. I have this life friend. Everytime she uses her pixie the thing ALWAYS heals me first. Even if I have full health. My friend could be down to her last 10 health points. I could have full health and the thing still gives me the heal. She has said on several occasions that she is going to fire her pixie. Quite frankly I can understand why she is frustrated.

We do however get a good laugh everytime she heals me. Something to the tune of, "Oh there she goes again. :P"

Apr 25, 2009
Ok, only recently started playing W101, but so far I like the concept behind it and have a few suggestions.

1) Allow characters on the same account to travel to each others homes & castles. IE I run a Balance and Myth wizard at this time. but my Myth wizard can not go to my Balance wizards home. (Granted if this option is already in-game and I'm missing it let me know.)

2) Card Creation: Each school should have the option of changing cards into treasure cards without the use of an enchantment card. Since the cards themselves cannot be resold (From what I know), and gold can not be traded between players this avoids abuse you find in other games. However, since there are currently no level restrictions on spells this could be abused by having higher level players churn out cards for lower levels.

3) Spell Level restriction: This goes hand in hand with #2. However this could also be beneficial in PvP combat, in that you won't see low levels using Earthquake, Judgment, etc via treasure cards. Also the spell restriction might only be necessary for PvP, although I think that would take the fun out of PvE to have access to those cards.

4) Different Enchantment cards: Possibilities include:
Increase to healing,
Decrease Pip Cost (Noticed several Treasure cards use less pips then normal spells, IE Reshuffle TC is only 3, Normal is 4),
Specific Mutates, IE X to Death, X to Life, X to Thunder etc
Add/Remove Shield/Blade/Trap Cards: Allows the wizard to add up to a total of three shields onto a card following the current balancing of 1/80%, 2/75%, 3/50%. (Also this could be built into the spell book). Also do not allow Tower shield to add onto any other card but TS, scaling at 50%, 40%, 25% respectively. Same idea for blades and traps.

5)Wand Exchange & Change: From what I've seen wands are basically the throwaway card. Used only to pop shields, or build pips when no other card is available to buff/debuff at a 0 cost. Why not allow wands(Excepting the newbie wand, or any other multi spell wand) to become a basic button alongside Draw/Pass/Flee.

6) Grouping: Allow some type of grouping in PvE, its obvious from the school spells that a sort of class design was in place. IE Healers are life, Tanks in Ice, Balance as buffers etc. Allowing a grouping ability outside of who hits the circle next allows younger/newer players to get used to the concept of working together. Also by having a specified group one could build in a safeguard against the first turn burn (When one player doesn't join as fast due to reaction, connection, miscommunication etc)by having all persons in group within say 50yrds of the initiator join in. Also a grouping function could allow for one to set start points for players in the turn rotation, allowing different strategies.

7) Toggle to allow ports to, when the port anchor is in combat. This would allow those who dislike people porting in on them during combat to stop it, while maintaining it for those who need/want it for help.
One could also allow for a locked combat option, where a player can set not allowing anyone to join them in combat, but allow others to port to them still. This style would also work well with #6, where only the group could join in.

8) Treasure Card Trade Bazaar: Place where one could set up postings of what cards they have to trade and people could reply with offers of other cards, or the poster could set a specific card or cards as a price. IE I post a toughned Kraken in trade for 2 Fairies or a Unicorn. Alongside point #2 and #4 this could turn into a massive card swap meet like real life Cardcons.
Note: Make the Bazaar postings cross server.

9) More school cards, quest cards, trainer cards and points. More Variety in cards, and allow out of combat cards in the same vein as the Crown run speed boots. You could make out of combat cards cost more mana then in combat cards. Ideas for out of combat cards: Run Speed Enhance, Teleports, Combat prep spells (IE you have a shield ready to go once combat begins, but if you do not enter combat within a certain time period it disappears), Healing! Sometimes running around for wisps gets to me and I would rather burn pure mana to health.

10) True Secondary schools: Right now you do not have true secondary schools, since you end up missing many key quests spells for that secondary school, and you do not receive benefits of power pips too those schools. Allow a set of quest lines (Make them hard!) to choose and lock a secondary school for a player. As the player completes the questline, they gain through out it the quest spells, any training points they used to get a spell within the secondary school and finally compatibility of the secondary school with power pips.

11) If #10 is done, allow the flip side also. School mastery, IE instead of choosing a secondary school the player embarks to fully master their chosen original school. Again, hard questline! Ideas to make it appealing, overall greater damage among the attack spells, Innate resistance to their chosen school, Greater school accuracy (up to 5% maybe?), Greater effect to school specialties spells (Necromancy with increase drain %, Life w/ inc healing or damage reflects on the absorb etc)

I'm sure I'll have plenty more ideas later.

Dec 16, 2008

When finishing up a particular group of quests, or difficult quests, I suggest a small reward in crowns for those who may not have a lot of money to play with. Make it the longer quests to make it difficult to farm.

That would help them stay more even with others.

Also, I suggest crown items being sold get some of those crowns back as well. That might incentive people to let go of old items, take their sale proceeds, and get something new they can now use.

Can we have our Wizard City Fountain kiosk seller back with the themes?
I suggest revising a Marleybone cart, put the sales person there with the current theme items, and rotate it one month on, one month cart empty, (with a standup sign like Zeke's old place in Olde Town saying when the next sale starts, and the theme or seller), then the next theme for a month.

This may give folks a fun way to buy, especially if the merchant would take either gold OR crowns!

See Ya Round the Spiral!

David Shadowflame
Grandmaster of Fire

Mar 14, 2009

1.I think it would be a great idea to be able to earn crowns to spend instead of the member thing to gain crowns. Speaking of crowns when we spend money on the crowns I think we should be able to sell the item we got for the same amount of crowns we spent.
2.I also suggest we should get to choose from a list of items we get from quests, sometimes I already have the item I get.
3.I think we should be able to sell treasure cards because anytreasure card that is useless to you is just anoying.
4.When I go into Krokotopia with my friends I go into instanced areas and my friends get kool mini-pets like Krokomummys and I realy want them, and they want a few of mine, what I'm saying is we should be able to trade pets but not sell them.
5. My final point is we should be able to say things like "Where did you get that pet?" or "How did you get your [item]?"

Gorman Dusktalon lvl 26 sorceror

Mar 28, 2009
1. I would REALLY, REALLY like to see health and mana restored by going home to your house or dorm room. I mean, where else should a wizard be safest for restoring these things. I don't mean refill potions or anything, that should still be either pay or play (but why is there no potion seller except in Wizard City?) Then, rather than hunting down wisps in a commons, you could pop home, get a quick recharge and get back into a battle or whatever.

2. I would love to see the ability to paste a text chat window on your character that says "AFK" or "BRB" so that friends who are trying to chat or port would not think you are ignoring them. Or perhaps after like 60 seconds or so of inactivity, your wizard would appear to sleep or something so others would know not to ask you to go into the instance level or whatever.

Nov 23, 2008
HalloweenChickRose wrote:
1. I don't mean refill potions or anything, that should still be either pay or play (but why is there no potion seller except in Wizard City?)

This is actually a great point, a potion seller in each city would be wonderful.