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Strange Mesh Clipping And Distortion On T-Rex

Oct 11, 2014
Hey, lately both myself and my parents have been seeing some very strange mesh clipping and distortion on the T-Rex mount. This is not an issue with my graphics card or driver, since we see it on all three computers we play on (2 laptops and a desktop, which are all fully updated and optimized for gaming) Both my mother and I have the T-Rex mount and we see it on both mounts, not just mine.

Here are some screenshots detailing the location of the issues:

Knees overlapping rather than being smooth and round as they usually are:

Chin and throat strangely angular and spiky, usually they are round and smooth:

Heels are spiky, usually they are round and smooth. Back Calf muscle looks square-ish and odd:

We are not seeing any issues with any of our other many mounts in the game, only this one.