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Storm teacher not saying anything

Sep 13, 2016
So at the end of Dragonspyre, after I defeated Malistaire, when I was talking to Merle Ambrose a notification popped up from the storm teacher(I am Ice wizard by the way) saying he needs so help with something, probably a certain extra xp quest. But I was like, ok i am going to finish talking to Ambrose look at Celestia maybe do the first quest in Celestia and then talk to the storm teacher(because I was super excited to unlock a new world) but when i came to talk to the storm teacher he just said "What can I do for you?" and shows the training thing, and the I talk to him again and he is like "WHaT CAn I dO fOr YOu?????" So my questions are, What is this quest and WHy is the storm teacher not telling me the quest?. Also, reminder: I am an ice wizard, not a storm wizard.

Sep 14, 2016
To solve your question there are some times where teachers ask them to see you but have nothing to say, it happens and it is a glitch. Your best bet is to set a mark and check if there is a "!" above there head they have to talk with you. But judging that your are a ice i dought the Storm teacher would have a lot to talk about with you.

Adam Dark Storm
Lvl 103

Jul 26, 2012
This is a notification for a quest and dungeon that has since been removed from the game. You can simply continue on to Celestia after you've completed the story line quests in Dragonspyre. The notification you get from Professor Balestrom regarding this quest must have been left in the game by mistake.

Sep 13, 2016
Thank you for the help. I will ignore it now. I am already pretty far in Celestia anyways