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stitched pvp gear not sharable??

May 18, 2010
I dont know if this is a glitch or not, but i stitched my commander gear to have my questing gear stats but it was not sharable between characters has it now been patched in the new update that were not allowed to share any stitched pvp gear

Jul 28, 2009
You're no longer available to do that because people have been using that to unstitch and have commanders robe on a non commander ranked player, thus you're no longer able to trade a robe stitched with the commanders robe

Dec 13, 2008
well idk how long ago the update was but when you stitch items now like crown gear non auction or no trade it goes to the mixed item you get back like example I bought this lvl 70 myth elegant gear that had the no auction and crown item on the stats at the bottom I stitched It to a regular elegant boot that had the stat but had the myth elegant boots it have the stats and data of both sucks pvp gear can't be traded now but a while back you could

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Jun 16, 2013
honestly i agree that you can't share, cause (not to be a hater) i love the robe also, i am trying to get all my chars to get warlord just for robe then sitch with questing gear later but some people just do it for the robe just pvp and lose a lot they dont even try for that awesome robe
Bailey Bear warlord

May 20, 2011
This wasn't even a patch, people did earn the gear just on different chars, I spent 5 months on my lvl 10 Daniel dragonstone to get all the commander gear so I could have it as the appearance for my waterworks Set on my high lvl danielfrostblade. Then today I find out it can't be traded. if Kingsisle doesn't want privates to have warlord gear in pvp then why don't they remove the ability to unstitch pvp gear it would be a lot easier. even better bring back the epic bundle. Plz do something KI so we can have the gear we deserve because I know I not the only one angry bout this