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Staff: Please creat a housing "Boot Guest" Button

May 02, 2010
Simply put i agree a boot from home button would be nice though I personally have not had the aforementioned issue. I have though been invited to one of these so called parties and when asked to leave I promptly ported.

Feb 21, 2009
Popman98 wrote:
i agree. it gets REALLY annoying when im tring to decorate my house and then someone teleports to me and then someone teleports to them and so on.then every body gets in the way. i have mooshu imperial palace and trust me it gets ANNOYING!

I agree totally, what I dont understand is why if the person who
"owns" the house logs off, why the "guests" dont get booted out?

Dec 26, 2009
Firefrog16 wrote:
Otys wrote:
I agree, i have the thread discussing the same topic.

its called "GET OUT!!! NOW!!!"

if you could post on it, i would appreciate it. its post count is decent and i see yours has a lot of posts too.

lets convince kings isle to put this is in! we need this!

i did see that post, i agree 1 million percent, there SHOULD be a boot button i will try more to convince kingsisle about this

It came true you know. Lets give him a thank you!