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Spring 2020 Update Issues

Oct 24, 2019
If you even care to read this, I'll point out some issues with the new Update:

1. Pet Promenade Help Tab/Section STILL has it's 5th "Line" blank

2. Housing Items SHOULDN'T need the "UI Upgrade" as you can't learn Spells or have Boosts from Housing Items.

3. You can STILL click the "Event Tab" while a Beastmoon/Deckathalon Event is going on, press "Teleport to Event" whilst in a Duel. This should be DISABLED whenever you're in a Duel.

4. Aren't Ninja's Lore Pack and Shaman's Lore Pack supposed to be "Retired"?

5. Hatch Kiosk Display Error occasionally occurs when you're looking at a Pet that provides 3 cards, then clicking "Right" to the next Pet that's only supposed to provide 2 cards, the Pet with 2 Cards will also display the Previous Pet's 3rd Card. For New Players, this can be confusing and suggesting that there can be "Card Morphed Pets" available in the Game. (EXAMPLE: Viewing Ice Armaments (Last Card is Sleet Storm), clicking right to the Gobblerball (Only supposed to have Balanceblade and Elemental Blade) shows it has Sleet Storm cited as a 3rd providable card)