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Spiral Cup Owners Be Aware

Apr 12, 2011
In the "Updates" it said some thing about changes to it.

I understood them to mean:

1. My "friends list people" could go to my house,
and invite their friends to play it,
and I did not need to friend everyone any longer. ( NOT )

2. I was also under the impression ( Wrong again ) that
I need not go home or be online for everyone to enjoy my houses and use the Dungeons.

3. ( not in updates ) I hate Spiral Cup, the fact that I have to be there,
for others to use it, is just wrong.

Why don't you make it so the Owners can choose if they want it open to the public or not?

After all, there was nothing on the card that said it was "A limited" Dungeon.

It should say it on the cards, or be an "Open to all" game.

I myself would have not bought the games, if I knew it was this much trouble. I like Sharing.

I do not get them for me, I get them so others can play them. Not everyone can afford this stuff. Will someone from Kings Isle please explain what the updates are all about?

And Please make it so "All" my Spiral Cup games are open to the public, please.

Btw, I will not get fooled again...
no more dungeons for me, that can not be shared with everyone.

No Longer going to be "First Kid on the Block"

Thank you for any help you can give... :)

Sophia DragonHeart - Max out after 5 years :) Last night!
LOL ( still not done all my quests )

Apr 10, 2010
I kind of like how Spiral Cup is now public like every other gauntlet, because instead of removing friends to let others play without removing friends just to let strangers do Spiral Cup. I don't have a Walmart or Target near me and I would really hate the fact that the owner of the Spiral Cup Gauntlet would have it to friends only, but sometimes I don't want people going into my Pagoda Gauntlet, like one time I said that no one enters Pagoda but a level 5 entered with two of her random friends and then called me a noob. I have played Wizard101 since it was released and I'm a level 84, but some people just don't listen, and sometimes I understand that its like "I payed $40 for this bundle, buy it yourself and then you will be able to do the Spiral Cup Gauntlet. But Wizard101 is a community(or at least was compared to six years ago) and everyone wants to have fun, in that situation I would want to make my Spiral Cup Gauntlet public, and I would hate the fact that it would be like, none of you can enter except my friends, that would just be plain mean.

Joseph Titanshield Level 84

Belgrim Nightstalker Level 19

Apr 12, 2011
Greetings Wizards,

After testing the Spiral Cup updates, here is how I believe it now works.

1.) Owner needs to be at location of the "Spiral Cup" if they wish it to be open to public.

A. Friends List People, have to port to Owner and then have their team port to them.

1.) Should the people go to Tours Office ( Located in Commons ) and
Click on Visit - Friends - Owners name and go to house
and invite their friends that way, their friends ( team mates ) Will Not get to Play.

So if you want to make your "Spiral Cup" open to public,
you should Leave your wizard online when you go to sleep.

Because none of the people on your friends list can bring their friends to help them
if they go to your house by way of Tours Office located in Commons.

You still need to be there and will get bugged to go home to let people play Spiral Cup.

This Spiral Cup has been voted by me and others to be the worst thing put out there.
It is more trouble then it is worth,

Still waiting for you to make all my Spiral Cups Open to Public
like my winterbanes and Pagodas are.

Sophia Dragonheart Thank you!

With the recent changes here's how the Spiral Cup Gauntlet should work:

1) Friends of the owner can use the Spiral Cup anytime.
2) The owner doesn't have to be present for players to use their Spiral Cup.
3) Players who arrive at a house through Castle Tours or Castle Games can't use the Spiral Cup unless they're friends with the owner.
4) If a player teleports to another player who arrived at a house through Castle Tours or Castle Games, they can't use the Spiral Cup unless they're friends with the owner.

If it doesn't seem to work as I've described, please let us know.


Jul 26, 2012
Thank you for saying I got it right :)

Spiral Cup is NOT Open to public. It is a Friends ONLY game. " Friends of the Owner Only."

So do not bother trying to bring your Teams to play.

Too bad it was not noted that way on the card.. A warning that says "Limited access game" would have been nice.

For those people who want to limit their stuff and not make it open to public, may I suggest that the tours office set up some thing like...

Add home to Public tours or Friends only Tours. and make my spiral cups open to friends of my friends Please.

Can you please explain why it was not told that it was a no share dungeon on the card?

Any why I have to friend everyone in order for them to be able to play if I am not at my house all the time?

Why can't my friends take their teams and go play with out me having to friend their friends?

I do not understand Kings Isle thinking, please explain this to me.. thank you.

Apr 16, 2014
It's your number 4 that creates the problem! If a friend of yours goes to your house through castle tours to use the gauntlet, he cannot invite his friends to join him! Therefore eliminating it to be open to the public. Still the only way for your friends and their friends to play the Spiral cup is for the Owner to be present at it and let there friends port to them.
So whats the use. It still puts a burden on the owner to be present. Your friends will not be able to use it with their friends if you are not online, and then when you are online you have to be bothered to go to your house to let them port to you. So the system is really no better. The only thing you eliminated was having to friend every single person to play it. Did not eliminate the inconvenience to the owner at all.

Have no idea the logic behind this at all. Please an administrator explain to me why this is made this way. What good does it accomplish?

Scarlet ShadowStone Exalted
Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 25
Scarlet FireEyes Level 21

Feb 09, 2009
increase the friends list of people that have the spiral gauntlet so they can add more friends to play there. i was thinking of buying one, i bought into the pagoda and winterbane so i could help those on trial membership but if i have to... wait
those with a spiral gauntlet should have a separate friends list that consists of only players that can use their spiral gauntlet. settled lol

Aug 28, 2013
I completely agree here. I rushed out to buy Winterbane to put at my house for my kids and their friends to use. Then I rushed out and bought Pagoda for same reason. I ran to the crowns shop to buy all the estate games for the kids. So when Spiral Cup came out, of course I rushed out to buy that one for same reason. Imagine my shock when these new (unwritten) rules showed up.


I don't run the dungeons. My kids do. Their friends do. I don't want to friend everyone and I certainly don't want to stop what I am doing to go home so they can play.

I will not be rushing out to buy the next bundle with these limiting rules in place.

Apr 21, 2012
Wow, kind of makes me glad these bundles are not available in my area. Sounds complicated.