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Spell Decks

Feb 15, 2009
I was playing yesterday and jumping around from duel to duel to help my friends. Each time before teleporting I would go into my spell deck and change my spells depending on the school of the enemy. Maybe I would need a Prism, maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I didn't want any Fire spells. It got me thinking that a good idea would be to allow the wizards to create and save a "sub-spell deck" so at the click of a single button, all the trained spells would change to a specific setup the wizard has created. Each "sub-spell deck" could be named each school. So if you were a Fire school and going against Fire Elves, you would want your "Fire sub-spell deck" to include your Fire Prisms. If you were going against Evil Snowmen, you would want your Fire Prisms removed and replaced with more Fire spells. I hope you get the idea and I will apologize if this has been suggested before. It would be really great to change all the spells in my deck with the click of one button instead of swapping out each trained spell before a duel.

It's a great game otherwise and I love all the new changes, especially knowing which area your friend is before you teleport to them.

Young Wizard, you may be interested to know that while you're not in a duel, you can quickly swap your Decks by pressing K.

If you purchase different decks of different names, you can set them up as you like and then quickly switch between them by pressing the K key on your keyboard.

Oct 17, 2008
Hey Gamma, I'm just wondering: is it possible to buy two decks of the same name? That way it would be like having a "sub-deck". All you would do is set them up differently.

Yes you can definitely have two decks of the same name, but when you're switching between them, you'll have trouble remember which one is which. That's why I suggested different named decks to make it easier to remember how each one is equipped.

Mar 28, 2009
Thats exactly what I'm doing. Right now I have a Novice deck and a mummy deck. Since I'm a pyromancer, when I fight fire using creatures I use the mummy deck with most of my fire spells removed. For everything else I use my novice deck which gives me 4 versions of fire spells instead of 3.

Dec 07, 2008
Having a way to customize the names of our decks would be pretty helpful. Being able to label your decks would help in keeping track of which deck you have for what, such as PVE, 1v1 PVP, 4v4 PVP, etc..