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Spell Animations

Jun 08, 2008
i've noticed that since the update some of the spells don't have the animation they did before the update, here's a couple i'v noticed

Empower - no more circle of light around your feet, 3 pip wording after casting the spell is no more

Swords - i liked the animation better, the kick was cool in Mooshu, but the animation i think fits the Dragonspyre swords better

there's probably more, i just haven't noticed them yet

Jan 08, 2009
my death wizard is also having some issues with things not showing up, like the pixie spell, the view goes under the floor for some reason and there is no pixie even though you can hear her, same goes for the empowerment spell to give himself pips, the sound is there but it shows nothing. same goes for a balance friend of mine when he donates pips. and there have been other animations missing i noticed but i forgot what they were sorry lol