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Someone Is Breaking the Rules

Aug 29, 2014
Hello! welcome to my post. I just wanted to point out, that in PvP, I had a 1v1 battle that i was in. I go to the arena, and there is the person I was supposed to be fighting, and someone else named "Troll" I knew "Troll" wasn't a name you could pick. I looked at his profile, and, His name was nowhere to be seen. He also had 999 Critical Rating And 999 Block Rating! I couldn't belive it. And on top of that his level was LEVEL 0. Now that is weird. This "Troll" person is obioulsly breaking the rules. I have only seen him once in pvp, but Kingsisle, Please do omething about the cheaters!

Nov 06, 2014
Well he's actually my friend. I don't really know him that well, I just found him in the Commons and added him because I've seen many people talk about him.

I'm going to tell you that I think Kingsisle did something about it, because before a little while ago, his name wouldn't appear on my friend list because it was hacked to be Troll, now it shows Aaron Troll on my list.

He also doesn't have that 999 Critical and Block rating, and he's level 4.
Rylee GoldLeaf

May 09, 2015
The best thing to do in situations like this is to either report him or switch realms. If this hacker had the power to hack into w101 then it could have been dangerous to be in a room with him any longer. Also if you want to really talk to someone then I suggest you contact KI support, they could give you more insight then I do.

Chill out wizards
-Ethan Griffin Thorn 76

Dec 08, 2016
I witnessed something similar too. I was watching this 4v4 Practice match when all of a sudden this guy with just the name "Stalker" started glitching everywhere in the arena and even made his way inside the area where the battle was taking place. He also sent me a friend request which showed his level was 0 and when I accepted it, I couldn't see him on my friend's list. It was very bizarre. The guy was clearly a hacker.

Oct 21, 2013
I've seen countless people with names you can't chose. I've seen the one you're talking about, a dude named Red, and Stalker as well. Even this one dude who had no name at all selling 100+ Empowers in the Bazaar.

I remember I emailed KI once about this. From what I remember, they said to never engage in private chat with these people. I'm not sure though. But it is best not to talk to them.

If you see someone like Troll again, report and leave.

Mar 07, 2009
If you happen to encounter these players again, your best bet is to not engage with them and report them immediately so KI can investigate the matter.

Best wishes!