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some ideas

Jun 23, 2009
#1 arena in house= wouldnt it be cool to have and arena in your house, like to duel in

#2 monster catcher skill= with the arena in you house you can catch monsters and then battle them in the arena and the higher the skill level the better monsters you can catch

#3 baby pets= when your pet gets old and you have to pets one day when you logg on you suddenly have 3 pets two big ones and one small one

#4 minions= what a bout constant minions so you dont have to resummon them and they follow you around

#5 spells= when you run out of cards and wand spells why not have a braclet the never runs out of spells? (very weak ones)

#6 shield= dont you hate it when as soon as you finish off a monster then all the sudden your in anouther fight and your in a rush to finish a wuest to level up but you have low health so you die causeing you to have to walk all the way back to ravenwood or where ever then teleport to whereevver then walk walk walk walk, well simple solution why not have a 30 secound shield after battles where you can not get attacked?


p.s if ROGAN is reading this WOLF IS BETTER THE ROGAN


Jan 24, 2009
#1: I thought of this idea before. I think it would be fun and would give you more to do in houses than just look at furniture.

#2: I didnt think of this one. It would be cool to fight monsters in your house.

#3: You didnt explain this too well so I'm unsure.

#4: Dont really agree with this one.

#5: The simple solution is to get a reshuffle treasure card.

#6: That would be good, but it would need to be much less than 30 seconds, more like 3 or 5. And give the wizard the ability to remove the shield in the options menu.