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Some animations bugs

Feb 22, 2009
i have found some animations bugs (after of the patch i have received today..)

fire cat: a big purple square apperas behind it every time i cast the spell.

Troll: the light in the begginning of the animation that involves it when we summon dont appear anymore.

ice elf: it seems that the sound of the first hit(when the ice shield appears on the floor) is bugged. i dont know if fire elf and storm elf is bugged too.

thats all i've seen atm.


Feb 23, 2009
I could be wrong but i think the purple box appears not only just with firecat. I can't say much else, exept I'm not the only one who saw it. It kept appearing on Unicorn Ave.


Jun 09, 2008
Yes huge box only shows up when using Firecat cards.

Doesn't matter what level your wizard is and so far it's occurred through all the worlds including Dragonspyre.

We've tried it over and over again and the Firecat is the only time those boxes show up.

Dec 10, 2008
Sep 25, 2008
Oh good, so the purple box firecat bug does not only happen to me. I'm annoyed at it so I'm going to the test realm to report it as a bug, hopefully they fix it.

Jun 08, 2008
i had a troll on cyclops ave. cast the storm snake on me and it showed up. the best part about it was that the box landed on the troll. :D

Oct 17, 2008
Good, other people have also noticed it.

The only thing is, it doesn't happen only in duels with Fire Cat. My sister was on her lower leveled balance wizard when it happened to us for the first time. I personally did not see this, but this is what she said. She was walking along Unicorn Way, minding her own business on the sidewalks, when it happened. She was going to battle Rattlebones for a second time. Suddenly, the big purple box appeared in the corner of her screen. When she turned to look at it, it dissappeared.

This happened again when she was dueling with Rattlebones. I was watching her for this one. It just magically appeared when Rattlebones cast a spell. Neither of us can remember what the spell was, but based on what everyone has said it was probably Fire Cat. By the time the animation of the spell was over, the cube was gone.

It would be really nice if someone would fix this!

Another thing about this. Whenever I see someone cast Fire Cat, I never see this on my character. I've only seen it on my sister's balance wizard. Maybe that is because my level 32 ice wizard, my main character, has never cast Fire Cat as far as I know.

Aug 07, 2008
I have the same problem with firecat cards , though im sure its there side problem and not my hardware >.<