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Socket Resist?

Mar 10, 2019
Hey community, I've had this problem for a while but this is my first time taking it to the community. Here is my question:

Is socket resist supposed to be calculated differently than gear resist, and if so, how? My storm wizard is level 66 and he has 25 gear resist and 62 socket resist giving me a total of 87% universal resist. In both PVP and PVE situations I the damage I receive seems to be higher than what math should gives me.

Best examples:
I was fighting Eelgis in the Grotto and I was hit with a max wild bolt for 840 damage. If I extrapolate the difference of 840 and 1000 that's 16%. WAY less than 87, or even 25%.
Another example is in the waterworks, one of the slithering eels hit my team with a storm lord on the second round, my friend next to me took a total of 2 damage without shields, he has jade gear and his stats at the time showed 88% resist. I took 240 damage (34%)

I don't know guys, what can you tell me?

Jul 03, 2009
Your problem is likely because your mixing up percentage with damage. Armor sockets that take off damage is linked to reamining damage after resist. For example, you have 50% resist without jewels and your jewel adds 26 resist, if the enemy hit you with 1000 attack normally, you'd take 500-26=474. Pet jewels are the ones that actually give percentage resists bonues; if you use the hatchery and find a good defensive pet your resist will skyrocket. Hope this clarified this.