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Feb 05, 2009

I was tied up in four unwanted fight because I was trying to get to Emily Chesterfield in Hyde Park. It almost made me stop playing and go do something else.

In Wizard City and Krokotopia it's easy to avoid enemies just by walking on the sides, but in Marleybone there are enemies walking on the sides, in the middle, around in circles and every other conceivable direction!!!

I get the fact that it's supposed to be getting harder for us as we progress, but REALLY. Does anyone else agree with me?

Mar 28, 2009
I don't agree. It is supposed to be harder. This will prevent people who are too low level to just run through Marleybone and leach xp from the higher levels.

Dec 02, 2008
Sidewalks on a roof?

If you don't want to fight mobs, don't run into them, and get out of the way when they come toward you. Mobs follow very predictable routes, so if in doubt, you can stop and watch them for a bit. There are many spots in the center of a roof that are safe because mobs do not go there.

Think of it as being kind of like Super Mario RPG. If you don't want to fight mobs, don't run into them.

Aug 19, 2008
Okay take a deep breath.
Now take a step back.
Before you run... watch.
Watch the monsters.
They walk in a pattern.
They use the area that would be sidewalks.
You run right down the middle of the rooftop.
Trust me it works.
Beware though, they will make U-turns in odd spots...
Typically just before or after the end or a turn.
Now take a deep breath.
Watch. Then go!

Feb 18, 2009
I agree that this makes it very difficult to get around but at the same time I find this to be more of a challenge and I welcome it. I need to level up somehow right? I believe they more than likely did this on purpose with Marleybone just to make it different than the rest. I'm told that they did it differently in MooShu and DragonSpyre but I am not there yet so I am not aware of what changes they actually made.

I do have to say that I did like the touch of the ambush I ran across last night in Marleybone though. Here I am looking at a pavilion that doesn't seem to have any enemies anywhere around it and all of the sudden.... BOOMMM... here comes this cat looking enemy who attacks me and says "I got you now"....unfortunately for him, I was the won who "got him"...lol.

Have fun,

Hunter SilverHeart

Sep 02, 2008
Marleybone takes place on roof tops so I don't see KI putting sidewalks there.

Most players learned to either run down the very middle or stay to the far right side or follow behind the monsters (but not to close).

Another option is to hit the esc key and log off and then log back on. It might get you out of a fight. BUT do not do this for instance levels or it will put you at the beginning.

Also, I think at Ironworks as you kill the monsters on the roof tops they don't come back so it reduces the numbers that you have to avoid anyway.

I don't think ANYONE likes the rooftops in Marleybone. I know I don't go there if I don't have to. LOL

Mar 03, 2009
I believe this issue was already addressed in a different topic, but I'll give you the rundown on how it works. Marleybone is the only world so far in which there are no sidewalks, however that isn't to say there's no way to avoid battles. Stick to the middle and the grating and watch the enemies. They all move in set patterns and only cross the middle at certain points. Requires a bit more observation and patience than the previous worlds, but with practice, you'll find it easy to avoid the battles.