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Shirataki temple (plague oni instance)

Aug 09, 2008
I wanted to report three bugs I have seen.
First, Just past the temple on the way to haru is two imitsu punisher's who are there only part of the time. The path they walk takes them to the left side and up up and away into the tree tops some were.
The second is one that has been reported but I feel like I should let you know that I too have noticed it. In the center of the battle circle after defeating plague oni there is a raised invisible platform. I have a screen shot but because I am the only one there it is hard to see that I am floating above the floor.
Third, it's not really a bug but a gripe. I have done the shirataki instance more times than I can count and no ice sword drop. By my best estimation I have done the instance around a thousand times or so. If you don't change the drop rate please make it to were I don't have to summon wave bringer every single time i want to fight him.
Thanks Finnigan Silverstalker.