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Share items in your bank between characters

Aug 06, 2008
The one thing that is different about this questing game from others that I have played is that the items stored in your bank (dorm room)cannot be shared by your other characters. This is a bit unusual considering that when the crowns are purchased the crown amount is available to all of your characters. It would make sense to also have at least the items then bought with crowns to also be avaible to your other characters thru storing in a shared bank(dorm room). I believe that this is the only game that I have ran across that is different in that way.

Jul 05, 2008
I agree!!! But I also think the sell back for the crown clothes should be alot higher. Once you are done with those clothing is just stays there. No happy that we can not use them for an upgrade in clothes, or trade to other characters, or get a reasonable amount for selling them.

Community Leader
I'm of two minds about this. Since boss fights are either instanced or immediate respawns, farming gear for alts wouldn't really harm anyone, and might give higher level characters more reason to be logged in. Also, since most gear has level limits, the amount of stuff you can actually farm is quite limited.

If you make items trade-able to other players, though, it adds an economy which doesn't really currently exist. Right now, there's a treasure card economy which fails for many reasons, not least which is there's no quick way of matching someone with treasure cards and someone who wants those cards. Plus, they are so common as to be nearly valueless.

So if you are interested in giving items to other people, then the other person has to be able to pay. That leads to being able to trade gold, and that leads inevitably to GOLD FARMERS. And then, suddenly, the fun and friendliness of Wizard 101 is shattered by people trying to sell you gold.

So trading items between players -- I have to say I am opposed. But between your own characters? All for it.

Sep 08, 2008
The potential effect on the economy is right, well said Tipa.

I would also say I am opposed to trading characters on your account. Lets say you bank all your gear that you acquire throughout the game, and then all you would have to do is hand it down to your characters.

That sort of defeats the purpose of progressing through the game from scratch with a brand new wizard. The same goes for gold. If you can just trade gold amongst your characters, then it somewhat defeats the purpose of what a wizard is trying to accomplish; grow and acquire the spoils and rewards of adventure.

Jul 05, 2008
But the question still needs to be asked. We have purchased clothing for our charaters with real money. Should we not at least be able to trade them in for some gold back. . Say get 20% off new hat or cloak

Say we have clothes for level 15 but our at level 30 seems a waste to me to not get something for an upgrade in clothing. Thus we are not trading between characters just upgrading clothes.

Or at the very least use it towards a purchase for another character we have on our account

Oct 11, 2008
i think you should be able to trade things with your friends too like if i have something for anotherclass only and a friend can use it or wants it we can trade and i can give it :-) to him