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Severe penalty for fleeing

Dec 26, 2008
I suggest a very severe penalty for fleeing. This should be something avoided at all costs. This would also help alleviate a lot of the issues where folks jump into your fight, bring more mobs into the fight, then flee to leave you hanging.

Dec 22, 2008
I agree however if that's added I would like to see an option to decline a fight if you get pulled in from the sidewalk.

Dec 18, 2008
I have to say i'm against this.

1.For one, when you die and noone in your party can heal you. there is only one thing you can do. Flee.

2. secondly, in marleybone i'll sometimes looose connection or my screen will go black and by the time i can see i'm in a fight. Which can last five to ten minutes, and when i really dont feel like fighting them , i flee and then go back to where i was.

3. thirdly, in some zones they pull you off the sidewalk, which is basically the same situation as the second reason.

4. sometimes your friends need help, i had a friend who took a devastating hit from a boss and was left with about 12 health lol, i had to get to him before his next turn. so what did i do? i Fled to port to him so he wouldnt have to start the instance over.

Just over all there are so many good reason to flee that it would be silly to put a penalty on it.

IF people port to you, and cause more monsters and then flee. theres one simple solution. Give them a warning and if they do it again remove them.

Honestly the solution lyes in giving people a reason not to flee. Most monster fights start to last more then five to ten minutes and you only get measly xp for a reward. in that same amount of time, players could of done one quest earning over ten times as much xp.

Which i think in the long run might cause problems.

Dec 11, 2008
I think that if you have more people join in the battle, you should only be able to flee if you are at low health, or are dead, if you don't have any other people in a battle besides yourself, then you should be able to flee as you like.

Sep 08, 2008
That last idea was a very good one. That would force wizards that started and dragged other wizards into their battle to stand up and take responsibility for their "accidental mistake." Also, that would prevent other wizards from simply joining a fight, adding mobs, and then fleeing.

However, I would suggest that those that added more mobs to a fight, or those that joined existing fights, would not be able to flee- period. The only time they would be able to flee is if the person who initiated battle fled.

Otherwise, it could simply be exploited. A wizard already at 5% health would join a fight, add mobs, and be able to flee. A wizard could enter the fight, get hurt, flee, and leave the wizard who initiated that fight standing. The wizard that started the fight could be hurt badly enough, or would be hurt badly enough, to where the addition of mobs would force him/her to flee, effectively destroying the fight.

Another idea is that if the extra person fled or even died, all the surviving mobs drug into the fight because of that wizard who joined, would despawn.