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Server timeout when sorting attic etc

Dec 06, 2011
Hi, been away a while and can finally get back into things. Is there anything that could be done about activity detection when organising attic items etc?

It's a real bind getting disconnected for inactivity when actually active moving items between house/backpack/attic/seedstore etc. Because the character sprite doesn't move while doing this sort of thing, the game doesn't detect any activity, not even all of the mouse clicks involved in sorting huge inventories and storage with only a few vacant slots ie after buying three furniture packs for example or after accumulating loads of kit while questing.

If placing items then obviously the problem doesn't exist, but inventory/storage management can take quite a while. The same thing used to happen if altering game settings or exploring the manual etc but I haven't tested whether that still happens.

Would you mind taking a look at whether in the sort of circumstances described the game could detect mouseclicks as player activity so as to avoid being kicked every few minutes when actively using the inventory menu, even if only while at the player's chosen home? Thanks :)