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School of Death...

Apr 13, 2009
I have a little hint to when you are searching for the school of death and are suppose to locate it. When I found the door, it just didn't load but I didn't know that you needed something first so I was thinking that when students are sent on that quest, if they don't have the required item, there should at least be a message when you try to enter that tells you that you need to do something else or that you need the required item to enter...I thought that my computer was all buggy, I was restarting the game and the computer and getting frustrated.

This idea would prevent any confusion/frustration from happening to other players as well.

Aug 19, 2008
You will encounter this on other quests throughout the spirtal.

I think KI is allowing us to think. Just know that if you cannot get to that spot now, you will eventually get there.

Love it in Krokotopia when wizards beg you to give them a lift to the sphinx or island of storms so they can get an item for their next level spell....duh...you aren't big enough yet or you would be there. Go work and level up and when you are at that point you will get it.

KI was pretty clever and it is why adults like this game too...

Must say I was a little sad when they added the quest helper because it took the "hunt" out of the game. But some quests can't use the quest helper so we still have to hunt.

Now note that my first wizard spent hours searching for the BOOKS in Wizard City...it was only when I gave up and went back to questing that I discovered them in boss battles! LOL!

Mar 19, 2009
Same happened to me in Marlely concerning Freddy Nine Lives. I ran around with the quest to talk to him forever before i actually reach the section where i could.