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Saving Time

Mar 03, 2009
Ok, I've had moments where I would want to get back to a hub, but had to face a few choices. Back-track or teleport to Commons and walk. In some places, both of these are somewhat time-consuming. So I had a couple ideas to help with this. Teleport to Hub or Mounts.

~Teleport to Hub~
This feature would work similar to the House or Commons buttons on the map, teleporting the character to their current hub rather than the commons. Some examples would be going from the Karanahn Barracks within the Temple of Storms to the Well of Spirits hub rather than the Oasis or from Knight's Court to the Scotland Yard roof rather than Regent's Square.

Simply put, the wizard would have a creature that they could ride to increase their movement speed, such as a Unicorn for life wizards, dragons for fire wizards, etc. There could be different creatures for different levels as well as various increases to speed.

Out of these two, I think the teleport to Hub would probably be easier as far as coding goes, though mounts may offer more appeal to players.