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Sap Power

Aug 11, 2008
Sap power = sacrifice minion for four pips, one pip, sorm damage.

Tere is a problem with this card.

I use anher card from balance shool called Spirit Blade = plus 35 % dammage to the next Death, Life, and Myth dammage.
Being a Necromancer/Myth student who carries an earth wand,this card rocks.
The problem is that i set up my spirit blade summon a minion and if i use Sap Power for those four pips it sets off my Myth Blade for extra Storm dammage on my minion. :(
sure i can sumon, sap, and then put up the Spirit Blade, but cards dont always come up in that order

I guess the question would be, will this ever be fixed?

May 22, 2008
Or is the question..... is this working as intended?

Perhaps that's part of the design, so you have to use those cards more strategically.

Aug 20, 2008
Doubtful, as it seems to be the way the system works. Everything that does damage is affected by the appropriate Blades and Traps and Shields. This also has advantages for you, though. For example, Death's Sacrifice (200 Damage to you, Heals an ally for 750) spell damage can be Resisted. I'd assume that the Developers might have the ability to make certain spells unaffected, but on the other hand not doing so forces people to plan better and enhances what little strategic aspect there is to the game.

Aug 11, 2008
I dont think it is working as intended
a myth spell should trigger a myth blade
a fire spell should triggera fire blade
and so on
this card is storm damage and it is setting off a myth blade