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Running Camera Angle

Aug 07, 2018
So, here's my story: I recently heard about the new graphics for Wizard101 and was impressed, I decided to make an account and get an membership. Not long after when I downloaded and started playing, I had to experience the running camera angle.

For me, at least, the angle is terrible. The camera goes behind me and near the floor, making me only able to see to the sides of my character, and not in front of it. This has been really annoying- In Unicorn Way I bumped into at least 5 Skeletons and Fairies I hadn't meant to, because I was trying to cross the street and couldn't see anything.

I played W101 a few times a few months ago to try it out, and the camera angle was much, much, MUCH, better and more comfortable. This really bothers me.

I can live with it, but it'd be preferable if there was a way to disable this or a reason why it was happening, or possibly a way to get that angel removed? Any other opinions on it or solutions?

May 13, 2018
I think it picks on certain accounts. Cause that has ever happened to one of my accounts