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Room Bank emptied

Jun 30, 2008
I was in my room in Ravenwood placing items from my backpack to my bank. I had 84 items in the bank and was transferring an athame. Connection was lost while I was transferring and I could not reconnect so I went to quit when the banner popped up and exited. I immediately reloaded and entered. I was in my room and when I began to place items in my bank it was empty. Zero objects in the bank. Could someone look in to this please? I had some very nice objects that took me quite a long time to accrue. Thank you.

I will alert our technicians!

Have you
1. Logged in and out again with that same character?
2. Zoned in and out of your dorm with that same character?
3. Sent in a support ticket? (login to website - help - support - ask a question)

I will also look into this, thank you.
~Professor Greyrose