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Robes,Tunics , ect.

Mar 19, 2009
I have noticed that all the cool outfits are lower lvl outfits. I am a death student have Crushers Icey Robe and it blows my Malistaire Ebon Robe completely out of the water in terms of style and appearance but the stats on the Ebon are better.Why is this Plus the Icey Robe has a cape and looks so much cooler with it flapping in the wind while in battle than that of the Ebon which doesnt have one :( We need capes lol

Dec 12, 2008
In my opinion i somewhat dislike how we're sort of forced to dress to the theme. I love my current look, its pre-crown nerf and is close if not up to par with Dragonspyre crown item stats. But if i want better stats i have to put on really outrageous clothing and such, which is something i really don't like to do.
Seeing as we can't trade items it'd be nice if we could somehow enhance our gear and such maybe a way to swap stats with other gear. lets say your wearing a hood yet now the hood gives pips health def atk and other stats becuase you gave it the stats of something else. it wouldn't be an addition to its stats just a complete replacement.