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"Retribution" Quest not working?

Jul 16, 2011
I was trying to do the quest "Retribution" on Krokoptopia at about 5:30 EST 7/25/11 on Unicorn server. I did all the steps until I got to the end. The last one was to defeat Krokenhotep. I lit up the obelisks and waited quite awhile, but the door to his lair didn't open. I turned them all off and lit them again, waited again, the door still didn't open. I looked around for other clues or instruction. I then spent about a half hour trying different ways of turning on the obelisks in different orders, no luck. I then went out and asked at the Oasis, one person said to just wait longer. I went back, tried again, the door still remained shut.

Is thie Retribution quest bugging or was I doing something incorrectly? If it was me, I apoligize, but I tried to figure out any possible angle before asking here.

Edit: found suggestions for opening it elsewhere in the forum! But I did check back in the dialog record in the quest notebook, and Salek the Wise isn't listed as giving the clue. So if a player misses him giving it and opens the dialog record to try to figure out the obelisks, the player won't find anything.