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restarting emporers retreat

Mar 08, 2009
I'm really ticked right now. Why? Because I passed the exit to the emporrer's retreat area after defeating the two princes, then the game automatically takes me out of the area!!!! I went back in, only to find it restarted!!!!! I thought they were supposed to restart after a short time has passed, and I didn't even want to exit!!!!

Has anyone else had this problem? They were hard bosses, and I'm not looking forward to facing them again......

Dec 31, 2008
If you get out by porting or quitting, the area will not reset for a short time so you can come back in. If you go out by the area entrance or by logging all the way out of the game, I have read [thanks Quizzical!] that the instance will reset immediately. This lets you choose whether to start over or not - except in your case, where the grabby entrance chose for you! :(