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Reshuffle Card

Sep 02, 2008
Mildred Farseer in Colossus Boulevard has a Reshuffle Card (balance school) that costs 1 training point to get. The card says it needs 4 pips to use. However, if you buy a gold Reshuffle Card in Wizard City it says 3 pips to use on it.

Shouldn't both cards say 3 pips to use?


Dec 31, 2008
Most treasure cards and cards from gear have some stat that is a little higher than the regular card of the same spell. Damage spells do more damage, heals do more healing, shields shield more, blades buff more, etc. It's kinda pointless to shuffle your cards more, but the treasure card does offer a benefit if it does the same thing but costs less in battle. My guess is that was the intent.

Sep 02, 2008
Spell cards and their equivelant treasure cards ALWAYS cost the same number of pips to use. I am letting KI know that there is a difference between the reshuffle spell card that you can get for a training point and the reshuffle gold treasure card so they can fix this issue.

Unless that's the way they wanted it to be?

Jul 15, 2008
Gold treasure cards and blue border cards are supposed to be better than their standard counterpart card in terms of more power damage or accuracy. That's what makes them more favorable than standard spell cards.

So how do you make a card that doesn't do damage and is already 100% accurate more valuable than it's standard counterpart? You reduce the pips needed to cast it of course.

Yeah, I think that's the way they intended it to be.

Happy gaming! :-)

Feb 17, 2009
I'm pretty sure that's the way it is intended to be. Since it's a treasure card, it has to have some improvement over a normal card. How else would you suggest improving a reshuffle, other than less pips? Can't really make it reshuffle more or better...

Sep 03, 2008
I would say that the Reshuffle spell is the way it's meant to be. As susume said, treasure cards are always just a bit better than their normal spell equivalent because you have to buy, trade or find them and they are only one use. Unlike normal spells which you have and can use repeatedly as long as it's in your deck.

Since you can't improve the effect of the Reshuffle card, they decided to make it slightly better by reducing the cost. To me it seems this is working as intended.