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Removing Treasure Cards

Nov 26, 2008
Any person in dragonsyre knows what i am talking about, i have way to many treasure cards that are way too weak or i already have the spell.

i would like to see.

1. Delete button
2. Sell treasure cards
3. Easier way to donate cards

for #3 i am just thinking something like a take-a-penny-leave-a-penny thing, just a mailbox looking thing that you can put in all the cards you want and take out the same admount you put in or less. All cards come from players so if the box is empty that means no one has donated cards. High levels, like myself, would probably just dump all our weak cards and not take any, while lower levels might buy some cards and exchange and might get lucky and snag a good card. Win Win

You can right click on a Treasure Card to Delete it.

Feb 18, 2009
When I end up with a handful of cards I don't want or need, I either give them to my nieces and nephew who play, or go to Unicorn Way in Wizard City, find a start-up wizard of less then level 6, and tell them to take the cards, and don't give me any. They are usually very happy to get cards they couldn't otherwise get quite yet.

I do that with treasure cards I've made, too, which is fun sometimes :)