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Religion in mb? please help!

Jan 20, 2010
I doubt that the Dogs are Evil nor worship some devil...
or we might be wrong, they always seem so friendly 0.0

Anyways, Marleybone is "supposed" to be London, and they even got WestmisterAbbey there (spelled wrong? prob'lee) and in Krokotopia, they even ask for our help, BECAUSE they cant use Magic, so i doubt they're evil in any way... some might be, like humans :P

Jan 23, 2009
Ok I cant tell you that I wasnt laughing when i read this post but i was.

Ok, I too was like porting to a cathedral was a bit much, once upon a time. But think its BECAUSE they were dogs that I wasnt bothered.

Tell your friend if the fact that her kids is playing a game that deals with death spells and the walking dead and witches then the rest is a moot point.

Honestly, after she got to DS with all the fire and brimstones there she'd eventually have to quit anyway so why even try to convince her.

Everyone most certainly has a right to edit the view of reality for their kids. Whether its good or bad depends on the type of adult you expect to raise. So when the parents of other people's kids say no, I generally just nod and smile and let it be. That would most certainly be my advice to you when facing the decisions of someone else's parents (barring in-laws, and the child in question, yours) if they say "no because the universe will freeze over if you do" you just stay out of it and respect their decision. I am sure she has her reasons and reasoning, and she doesnt owe and explanation to her child's friends. Sorry, she cant play but you have other friends who can (or can make some) and do with her what her mother approves.

Oh and remember to thank God for your parents who are so awesome they let you play. As I am sure your friend is grateful for what her parents allow her to do. Sounds simple to me.

Alright enough of this "Dear Wizard Lady" stuff. D

c-ya on the spiral.

Jun 19, 2009
I'm a christian . Religion? most definitely not! I assure you, KI had no means of this at all. The church is based on a real church in england. I am sure they were just trying to make the church look like the real church except more..... doggier lol.

Apr 24, 2011
how the heck does a dog statue represent the devil?

- john firemancer level 60 legendary pyromancer
valkoor deathmancer level 21 adept necromancer

May 28, 2011