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Recent changes in the game

Mar 02, 2009
My children and I hate the changes that have been made lately in the game--and it appears in talking to other players, it is widespread. 1) Crafting--what a waste of time! What child wants to mess with this? 2) You don't "win" good treasure from Boss monsters anymore once you've fought hard. The younger players feel cheated. 3) Treasure Cards cannot be bought easily. Making Treasure Cards and objects is really difficult for younger players to understand 4) the HUGE collection of things that are for sale in the one shop at Olde Town is a pain. What child has the patience to scroll through all of these things? Bring back the higher level things for sale at each shop! 5) Once you have made it past Dragonspyre, I hear the game is pretty much over. This is a shame, Grizzleheim is a poor substitute.
Would it be possible to create a more complex world for higher level players? Of course it would! Start working at it Kings Isle or you're going to lose the original players (and their money) that made this site popular!!
Saffron Fairyflame Level 45