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Rebirth Quest

Dec 21, 2008
Dear people that work for KingsIsle(r),
Moolinda Wu gives you this quest where you have to talk to Niles the balance tree, Bartelby, and Oakheart. I was able to talk to all of them but Oakheart! and I couldn't talk a step into the building that Oakheart is in :x.
And everybody is asking me if I have rebirth yet, and they ask me why I don't. So can you make this interior enabled to get inside?
Caroline Sunbright
~Master theurgist level 49~

If Theurgists are having trouble completing your level 48 Life spell quest, you must complete a sidequest in MooShu in order to have access to Oakheart in the Jade Palace.

You must complete these quests, in this order, to get to Oakheart in the Jade Palace. A lot of these quests are the same side quests that you need to complete for the “Wizard Tours” quest or Obsidian Chests quest to get access to the one chest in MooShu.

Cave of Solitude
1. I’m Cursed (from Mossback)
2. Rock On (from Mossback)

Kishibe Village
1. Wear Your Gloves (from Mossback)

Shirataki Temple
1. I’m Cured! (from Mossback)

Ancient Burial Grounds
1. Distressed Earth (from Mossback)
2. Forest Foray (from Mossback)

Village of Sorrow
1. Tainted Forest (from Wavebringer)
2. Forest Spirit (from Wavebringer)

Tree of Life
1. The Great Forest (from Oakheart)
2. Everlasting Forest (from Oakheart)

“Everlasting Forest” quest will give you access to Oakheart in the Jade Palace!

If you are not sure if you have completed any of these quests, or are still having trouble, contact Support with your username and character name and they will help you get moving forward.

Dec 21, 2008
Jun 13, 2009
do you know the tree of life? if you've been there, he's in there. you dont have to go through the whole dungeon to get to him. P.S: this place is in mooshu!