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Ranked Pet Derby

Jan 05, 2011
I have been trying for a day now to get into a ranked pet derby with an adule pet. It finds a game but always just sits there at waiting for opponents to confirm. I was wondering if this is normal. I do have a ticket in for it. I enjoyed my first few ranked matches now this is horrible :(

Jun 24, 2008
this is a major problem for pet derby so much so not worth the head ach
i myself can only get free pet arena
this is by far worst part of the game for now
till they fix it to work better

May 30, 2009
Oct 15, 2009
The primary reason i have found derby talents useless. Its pretty aggitating when you invest crowns, gold, or both and alot of time into a pet and its talents appear to center around derby racing.

If KI would at do away with that aspect of the pet's makeup and focus on fighting talents it would improve it drastically.

Jan 05, 2011
I see people getting in, and when I click go to arena and it just says waiting on opponents. I see other people sitting there for the same reason and we are all queued the same with adult pets. And it just never goes to the arena but it magically fixes itself and i queued fine all day after server went down then the rest of the week is shot cant get into one ranked. Just waiting on opponents