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Random changes in player card selection.

Jan 10, 2012
I noticed that "occasionally" my selected playing card is changed "magically" into another one
that I did "not" select, and it is usually NOT a good "choice" and has caused several
dungeon losses. Now for me it is not a problem, but others I play with it may have been.

Example today was a rebirth card that was "magically" changed into a satyr card.
Since this was suppost to be a group heal not and individual heal,
it healed me(who did not need healing), every one else died and they just gave up.
I saw the proper card display below, but when the round was executed it "magically" became a satyr.

I have seen other examples, most of the time it is not at a critical point, so it just a wasted
spell. Not a biggie just an small inconvience or is this a "feature".

Aug 20, 2011
I have had a strange card "shift" occur, causing me to play the card immediately to the side of the one I actually selected. It has happened several times, though not especially often.

Worst example was in Mirror Lake, fighting the ice bugs on my Death character. I was almost ready to hit, needed just one more blade. So, I selected a treasure card BalanceBlade card and clicked myself. Immediately to the left of BalanceBlade was Dark Pact, which I knew not to use--since I was already heavily bladed, that would be suicidal. Somehow Dark Pact was the card that played. My teammates thought it was hilarious and healed me, but none of them saw Dark Pact in the "selected card" circle at the bottom.

Jun 27, 2013
I have this issue as well.
usually when throwing cards out of my hand.
I right click on my wand spells, but my feignt, or blades, or sometimes my attack spell if its directly to the right of the spell, seems to always be the right, get thrown out instead.