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Questions, Complaints, And Ideas.

Mar 22, 2009
Though I used to enjoy the game ever so greatly I've noticed many things that have gotten on my nerves .Though I have questions and ideas too I'd like to talk of my complaints first.

First of all, The storm hound , purchased in Dragonspire, I noticed, only does 80 damage per pip and not 120 as the card says it does. Another complaint is the matches I've recieved while dueling. There are alot of time's I've recieved duels with those 10 levels below me where it was almost impossible for them to defeat me, but I've also been matched up with multiple Grandmasters which got annoying for my rank dropped from Veteran to Private in a few battles against Grandmasters. It was really a pester as I was about to get a nice set of armor where I needed the rank of Knight to wear.

Now I have a few questions I'd like to ask. One question is I want to know how Loot, As in items, is distributed. Is it distributed by how much damage you end up doing at the end of battle or would it be a complete random roll. Another question is about the chat system. I am wondering if it will ever be improved so that more words will be available to use. It won't let me say even some of the most simple of words.

Now is for my ideas. My first idea is that sometimes I get pestered by the constant immature chants of another player during a duel. What I would like to see done about that is maybe a mute button for the chat so that you can simply ignore the player that is ranting on about his/her opponent. Another idea is a new type of Pip. This may or may not be a good idea but I would still like to make it known anyways. Maybe there could be a new type of Pip that is rarer than a Power Pip but worth the same amount. It could be used for other classes. To explain lets say I am a storm wizard with a Satyr spell but instead of wait for four pips I could just wait and try to get a Pip. One reason for that is what is the point of waiting seven turns just to use a fire dragon treasure card when you could have five or so Power pips to just use Triton or anything along those lines.

Thanks for reading, Beauxarts / Luke FireGlade
(May re-post this due to the fact of the actual time I happen to be posting this)