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quest unable to be acquired prior to previous

May 30, 2009
Today I discovered that my level 27 fire wizard had a quest for Grizzleheim which, according to my research, was actually available since level 25, titled "Call of the North". I got the quest from Headmaster Ambrose, and it simply said I needed to talk to Bjorn Ironclaws, who needed my help. I went to Grizzleheim and spoke with him, which completed the quest and gave me the appropriate experience, etc. However, the dialogue implied that it would lead in to a larger quest, and according to wizard101central, it should have started the quest "Lending a paw." However, after completing the dialoge for Call of the North, no further dialogue came up. I am now apparently unable to recieve the quest and continue the Grizzleheim questline. What can I do to get this quest back?
Thank you for any help!