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Quest Checking

Jan 11, 2009
well I was just thinking maybe there should be a way of checking you have done every side quest. maybe a kind of checklist of how you start the quest and what you have to do.

I am thinking about this because at the moment I am having trouble keeping track of my side quests :?

Please post what you think about my idea :D

Jun 04, 2008
I would love to see a quest log with my history of completed quests! As to your request for a list of quests, there is a wonderful compilation by Ironhawk (only for Mooshu to date) at http://www.wizard101central.com. Just look in the forum under the Wizard101 Guides and choose the Mooshu section.

Dec 20, 2008
I agree that there should be a checklist or something showing all the possible quests, and which you are currently doing and which you have finished. For example a list, and the red colored ones you haven't started, yellow=started and green=finished. It would help a lot in organizing......