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Pyromancer's Tomb has no Team Up button

Dec 15, 2013
Be level 51 , questing in Dragonspyre.

Quest to go into Pyromancer's Tomb, beat the boss at the end.

Pyromancer's Tomb has no Team Up button.

I'd just finished the Labyrinth, so I figured that was why and went to do some other content.

Log back in 2 days later. Still no Team Up button.

I walk over to Obsidian's Tomb. It has a Team Up button.

I walk back. No Team Up button.

At this point, I run into lag issues and log out for a while. I get back, no Team Up button.

What's with this sigil?

Edit: Successfully soloed Pyromancer's Tomb, however as far as I know the issue still stands.