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PvP Respawning Life Wizards ??

Feb 09, 2009
I've noticed a problem with (Re spawning) in PvP which is about the best I can think of to describe it at the moment.

3 times I have encountered this. in all three instances it was a life wizard. Once with my own life wizard and twice against opposing life wizards.

The first time I encountered this it was with my own life wizard. I and my family team were in a 2v2 ranked PvP match.

During the match the other team started pounding on her so she cast the life absorption shield on herself. In the same round she cast the shield she was hit by a fire spell. The fire spell though completely ignored the damage shield hitting her anyway and she was nkocked out.

I was annoyed at the obvious bug but couldn't do anything about it, was a ranked match and had to stay in it.

The weird part was that about 3 rounds later she came back to life all by herself. No one had healed her, she just came back with all of her buffs and pips in tact as if she had not been knocked out.

A few days later we were playing against another twosome. We knocked out their life wizard once again somewhere between 2-4 rounds later the wizard came right back to life. We knocked her right back out with her team mate a couple rounds later and the match was won.

Again last night We were in a 3v3 practice match, we knocked out a life wizard early in the match. This life wizard came back to life no less than 4 times over the course of this very long match. We'd take him out and every 3-4 rounds he would just come back to life with no one healing him.

Strange bug, I've not seen any other notes about it, but I know people have seen it and it's not just me.

The only thing in common about the occurrences has been that they've all been life wizards. The spells and effects on them have all been different, their levels different the match types were all different.