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PvP categories?

Dec 26, 2008
So my kids and wife download the patch today and i tell her about the new PvP and they are very excited and go to try it out and they range from level 7 up to my wife's character which is level 17 and they have drop gear or minor upgrade purchase gear (no crown or "card" gear) so they do a quick join and they are pitted against a character with 1700 hit points? Needless to say my wife was very disinterested in it after a couple matches as she could not understand why she was dueling characters with the ability to wipe her out with one normal spell card i dont understand why there isn't a level grouping to start with and then maybe let rating filter after that.
Anyway just wanted to try and get some clarity as i looked for a few minutes for a post of this nature but could not find one so i apologize in advance if i missed it and duplicated.
I appreciate any feedback.


May 22, 2008
interesting. most of the time, I am matched up against someone of similar level to me. although sometimes, if I have a low level on my team, the other team could also be mixed a bit. Maybe it's the average level of each team that does it (assuming you aren't playing 1v1).

Ranked matches do attempt to match you with opponents of equal strength, but this is somewhat dependent on what other players are currently looking for a match. As more people play (and over time, as people set out into different Ratings) this algorithm will get better and better at matching combatants.

Alternatively, you can also start a Practice match and set the level limits yourself! :)