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PvP and Derby Badges

May 31, 2009
Why is it that PvP Rank Badges (PvP Private / Sergeant / Veteran / etc) and Derby Rank Badges aren't more accurate?

Technically PvP includes arena and derby as they are BOTH a form of player vs. player. Yet, someone with a PvP Warlord badge, for example, really is only a Warlord in Arena matches, not in Derby.

Similarly, a Pet Warlord really isn't any better at hatching a pet, or training a pet, than a PvP player - they're really only better at racing them in the Derby.

So, why not make the badges Arena xxxxx or Derby xxxxx?

I know how this came about - once upon a time there was ONLY Arena PvP, and when Derby came along they decided to simply add Pet instead of Derby. But while this may seem as pointless, Derby has long been in the shadow of Arena PvP and a great deal of this is the perception that Arena PvP is the only PvP that counts. If someone asks me if I PvP and I say "which kind?", they don't get my question because most folks don't consider Derby racing as REAL PvP.

Maybe by changing our badges people will get that there are two forms of PvP in the game - Arena PvP and Derby PvP - and Derby will get a bit more respect from the rest of the gamers.

My 2 cents.

Jul 10, 2009
First of all, Pet Derby does have badges. (This was re-added with Khrysalis)

Second of all, if you're saying that both PvP and Pet Derby should count towards badges, then I disagree with you. The main reason being that I am Warlord in Pet Derby and don't do Area PvP at all. Also, Pet and Area PvP are very different and require different skills that shouldn't be added together.

Third of all, if you're saying that the Pet Derby badges should say "Derby" instead of "Pet" then I 100% agree with you. Pet Knight and Pet Warlord just sound strange. Also, the second part could be changed so instead of saying "Warlord" it could say something like, "Champion."

Haley MoonHeart, Pet Derby Warlord, Innate Shadowmancer