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Problems Since Upgrade?

Mar 19, 2009
Since the upgrade I have been experiencing odd problems...

1. After defeating an enemy and walking (running) away on the sidewalk, sometimes I suddenly get dragged back to the same spell circle (even if I've traveled several street segments away) to fight the same enemies. Occasionally while running, my avatar will apear slightly see through.
This has happened on both Triton and Colossus.

2. Some times, in the middle of a battle, after choosing my spell card, the game will appear to freeze foir several seconds, then the "Loading" screen will appear, then the battle will continue, but I'll have to, again, choose a spell card. No life or mana appears to be lost.
This has happened on both Triton, Hauted Cave and Colossus .

3. Not sure if I am just not keeping track, but it seemed today that I appeared to be losing pips.
This has happened in Colossus.

All of these have occured only since the upgrade of 3/26.